New York City is the busiest place on earth. The relentless pace at which we lead our lives often leaves little time to organize other aspects of our lives. At WeOrganizeThat, we are able to see the possibilities and a home’s potential. Let us help you and you’ll be quite amazed.

New York City native, founder and owner Lorena Bello, is an authority on transforming homes and yielding the most out of a given space. Based in NYC and with a specific focus on Manhattan, WeOrganizeThat is uniquely dialed into what New Yorkers need and want.

The approach and service is comprehensive and it’s something which clients truly appreciate. Step (1) is focused on helping a client declutter. Most individuals simply have too much stuff, which is then crammed into every nook and recess. Step (2) is dedicated to rebuilding the look and feel of one’s home from the ground up. Step (3) is devoted to helping a client understand how their space was newly reorganize so that maintaining everything is seamless. Visit our CONTACT page to get started!