Lorena has completely transformed my son's room. By lessening the clutter and finding a place for the things which remained, she made our home life way more organized. She applied her incredible expertise and helped us purge toys which were no longer age appropriate, as well as made adjustments to the layout of his room and belongings in a way which was much more functional for him. He now has access to everything in his room and because things have a specific place, he is even able to keep his room lovely.

Cristi D.


Lorena came over our home and within the hour, she was able to design a plan of attack which made perfect sense. Over the next several days, Lorena tackled each major room with an expert hand and my family and I saw our home transform before our very eyes. We were extremely impressed by Lorena's professionalism and expertise. She left no stone unturned and we couldn't be happier. Thank you!

Liz M.